Virtual Conference for Graduate Students and Early Career Scholars

The Musicological Discipline in East Asia: Practices, Trends, Topics

The Regional Association for East Asia of the International Musicological Society (IMSEA) will host the 2021 Virtual Conference for Graduate Students and Early Career Scholars, on October 23-24, 2021. This event takes the place of the now postponed sixth biennial IMSEA conference in Daegu, Korea (rescheduled to 2022), and is intended to provide a forum specifically for junior scholars to share their research internationally during the current calendar year.

Welcome Message of the Chair

It is my great pleasure to announce that we have selected a program of seventeen papers by junior scholars, which will represent a wide diversity of research specializations. Among the areas covered are analysis, cognition, film, historical studies, organology, performance-related studies, and sound studies. Additionally, in accord with the new all-inclusive language policy of IMS, papers will be presented in a variety of languages in order to reflect the diversity of the global scholarly community (presenters have been asked to provide accompanying written English translations, for the convenience of the audience). The two days of the conference promise to be very rich and stimulating. A schedule of papers and abstracts have been posted, as well as registration information (an online link for the conference will be provided only to those who register in advance). I would like to express my special thanks to all who submitted abstracts and to the program committee for putting together an exciting slate of papers. See you in October!

Jen-yen Chen
Chair, Steering Committee
IMS East Asia Regional Association

updated: Sep 26, 2021